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Cuando Vuelvan los Bosques

Cuando Vuelvan los Bosques (2017)

Documentary on the conservation of forests and water resources.


Cuando Vuelvan los Bosques

Directed and produced by Alejandro Balaguer of Albatros Media Foundation and Carlos García de Paredes of Vertical Media. Water is the main source of life in the care of the plant network that retains and regulates it. The istmeños forests, in addition to helping the water cycle, are sponges that capture the vital liquid that then infiltrates the aquifers and allows us life. In addition to deforestation, water is subject to poor use and management decisions, generally in competition and conflict, in a historical context of power relations between different groups of society. Added to this is the effect of climate change.

Is that today, we live in times of drought, thirst and we are facing a process of desertification due to a ferocious and re-enforced El Niño phenomenon that is radically affecting the quality of life in cities, in the countryside, and the operations of the Panama Canal . After centuries of having been a misunderstood and poorly valued water ecosystem, to the point of having been razed as is the case with the “santeños” mountains, the forests become a hope for the crisis and are strengthened in these times of thirst as allies strategic

“Cuando Vuelvan los Bosques” had its premiere at Cinepolis Multiplaza with the support of the Panama Canal Authority and was broadcasted nationwide on prime time by the open TV channel Telemetro. Its retransmission by the signal of the Panama Canal. For more information about the project visit

“Cuando vuelvan los bosques” – Promotional interview by Telemetro

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