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Sin Pepitas en la Lengua

Sin Pepitas en la Lengua

Sin Pepitas en la Lengua (2018)

Título: Sin Pepitas en la Lengua
Directores: Carlos y Poti García de Paredes
País: Panamá
Año: 2018
Duración: 90 minutos
Formato: 2K, Full Color
Género: Comedia
Calificación: No recomendada para menores de 15 años
Productora: Vertical Media Inc.
Reparto: Ash Olivera, Agustín Goncalves, Miroslava Morales, Poti García de Paredes, Tinomatik Ortiz, Simón Tejeira, Camila Aybar, Ingrid Villarreal, Victor Santiago, Diego de Obaldía, Samuel Ibarra, Sara Faretra, Jonathan Harker, Randy Dominguez, Aaron Zebede.
Director de fotografía: Miguel Littin Menz
Compositor musical: Angelo Milli
Editor: Poti García de Paredes

ISA is an overwhelmed 37 year old woman. Day by day she is pushed back to the background by her boss, boyfriend, her stepson and even her best friend. Feeling unable to do anything about it, ISA develops a pain in her chest that takes her out of her ordinary life. Seeking for relief, she meets a Chinese doctor who promises to cure her with a thousand year old treatment. This ancient method will release everything that was kept inside and take her on a journey of personal enlightenment. Suddenly, ISA is able to speak her mind without filters and shocking honesty, whilst alleviating her physical pain. Finally, ISA realizes that saying things as they are not always bring out the best reactions but is unavoidable in the process of moving forward with her life. She must now live “Sin Pepitas en la Lengua”.

Directed by the García de Paredes brothers, Carlos and Juan Carlos (Poti). With a talented Panamanian technical crew leaded by internationally known Chilean(?) Director of Photography Miguel Littin Menz.

After five weeks of pre-production and four weeks of filming, our comedy is in post-production stage ready to be released in August 2018.

“Sin Pepitas en la Lengua”, con más candidaturas en Premios Platino 2019

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