Arri Softbank II Plus 4 Light Kit

This ARRI Softbank II Plus Tungsten 4 Light Kit includes barndoors, filter frames, scrims, a softbox, light stands, bulbs, accessory kit, and a heavy duty wheeled case.

The 650W Fresnel features a high purity aluminum, spherical, specular reflector, 25′ (7.6 m) cable and a low expansion 4.3″ (110 mm) borosilicate Fresnel lens. The beam angle in the flood position is 54°, and a narrow 13° in the spot position.

The ARRILITE 750 Plus is an enhanced version of the tried-and-true ARRILITE open face line. ARRI started with the basic design of the ARRILITE 800 and optimized the reflector to increase output 21% using a 750W HPL lamp which employs a compact filament that concentrates and augments light while increasing efficiency. The result is almost double the output. A redesigned one-arm stirrup instead of a yoke facilitates greater movement while the dedicated accessory holder allows use of Chimera softboxes without a speed ring.

3 x 650 Fresnels
1 x ARRILITE 750 Plus Focusing Flood
High Output HPL Lamp (750 Plus)
Barndoors, Filter Frames
Scrims, Stands, Bulbs
Accessory Pack
24 x 32″ Softbox, Heavy Duty Case

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