MolePar Richardson HMI 1.2K One Light Kit

The Mole-Richardson 1200-Watt Molepar Kit is a highly efficient, compact source of daylight using a 1200W HMI single-ended globe (available separately). Without a lens, the Molepar 1200 will throw a beam of light of 640 footcandles, 5.3 feet in diameter from 50 feet away.

This one-light kit includes a flicker-free, multi-voltage electronic ballast, four lenses, scrims, diffuser frame, 4-leaf barndoor set, and a hard travel case with aluminum clasps and trim. Add an HMI bulb and a light stand of your choice to complete this kit.

1200-Watt Molepar HMI PAR Light
Dimmable Electronic Ballast
Four-Lens Set, Scrim Set
Barndoors, Hard Kit Case

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